Legends of Light LP

Legends of Light - 2 LP - limited edition blue (signed)


Get whisked away to otherworldly realms with this crystal blue Legends of Light LP.

Limited edition double vinyl in transparent blue includes full length album with bonus tracks as well as instrumental versions of selected songs.

Side A
1. Doorway of Night
2. Vita Nova
3. The Homesong’s Call
4. Under the Grey Sky

Side B
1. The Bell
2. Everstrong
3. Wings of the Dawn
4. Adrift in Eternity

Side C
1. Light featuring LEAH
2. Rainfall
3. Ainiaan (Adrift in Eternity - Finnish version)
4. Light (alternate ending)

Side D
1. Vita Nova - instrumental
2. The Homesong’s Call - instrumental
3. Wings of the Dawn - instrumental
4. Rainfall - instrumental

Guest performances by:
LEAH - featured vocals on Light
Troy Donockley - pipes and flutes
Shir-Ran Yinon - violins and violas

€ 29.00